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1000’s of HD channels from all over the world, USA, Canada, South America, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, New Zeeland, Arabic channels, African channels, Asian channels and many more. Up to date Video On Demand section for movies and your favorite TV Series. Contact us via mail if you have any questions and want to place an order.

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Every Sport Event in full HD with OnlyIPTV

Watch your favorite sport and team live anywhere in the world. With all the premium sports channels streamed directly to your device you will never miss a game. Watch every major league and sport event with OnlyIPTV

Smart IPTV for family

Watch Movies & TV-Series With our Video Club

Our Video Club is filled with movies and TV-Series in FHD and 4K, many with subtitle and audio options. We have an extensive family and children’s movie section as well as the latest block busters.

Our IPTV Packages

Best IPTV provider in the market today-Only IPTV is Smart IPTV. All orders will be done via mail. Please write OnlyIPTV in subject field and prefered subscription in your mail.

IPTV The Smart & Simple way


For the best possible viewing experience, we recommend the TVIP boxes, they come in several models, the model we use, and offer is by far the best option. 

The TVIP S-BOX V605 4K might be the fastest IPTV box on the market today. It is easy to set up and gives you a crystal-clear picture.

Our streams are available for several devices and applications. The main reason we do recommend using a dedicated IPTV box is stability and user friendliness. Be aware that many apps will charge you for the full version without adverts etc. 

Other than the obvious benefit you get from using a box built specifically for IPTV is the size of the 605, you can literally fit it in your pocket and bring it with you anywhere you go, the customers who take advantage of our box+12 months offer receive the box ready to go, no setup necessary

What Is IPTV?
Info and FAQ

From a TV watcher’s point of view, IPTV is amazingly simple: instead of receiving TV programs as broadcast signals that enter your home from an antenna, satellite dish, cable, you get them streamed through your Internet connection. This means you can bring your TV subscription with you anywhere if you have access to internet.

smart iptv

smart iptv

Always on the go? Using the Stb Emulator available in Google Play store, you have access to you IPTV subscription anywhere you go, if you have access to internet. This app is compatible with any Android device, even on a PC

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what is iptv

what is iptv

The future of television, in many ways it was the many different streaming services that started the trend, more and more of the major TV companies are following suit. As the broadband coverage increases, IPTV will grow in popularity

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