For several years MAG box and Android devices with third party applications were you only choice if you were in the market for an IPTV box. We are pleased to say this is not the situation anymore


With a video resolution of 3840×2160 (HDR) you will get the most out of your UHD TV

3D Graphics

Yes, this IPTV Box support 3D graphics

WiFi Included

With the TVIP S-605 there is no need for an external antenna

IPTV Box from TVIP

Experiencing the best possible IPTV experience depends on more than just your IPTV provider and your internet speed

The tvip can also act as a DVR and supports time-shift to ensure you do not miss any of your TV favorite TV shows. You can easily mark channels as favorites and choose how you want to sort your channel list. Finding a movie or TV series in our video club is a singe with the search function. Change language and text by the click of a button
If your IPTV box is not able to handle the stream properly you will most likely have lower image quality, pixilation and yes, freezing images. You can compare this to streaming 4K UHD movies with a 5 year old laptop, the graphic card and memory of that PC would not be able to deal with that stream.

Unlike the MAG 254 and 256, tvip supports 4K HDR and FHD. To ensure smooth streaming at such high resolution, a quad-core S905x 1.5 Ghz processor and Mali-450 graphics card. 1 Gb of RAM might seem low, but this box is Linux based and are the fastest iptv box in the market today.

Everything you need is in the box upon delivery. HDMI cable, power and the remote with batteries included. The iptv box is a quality build, this is not a cheap piece of plastic. The remote is blue tooth and when paired you do not need to have a clear line of sight controlling the box. So, if you prefer to have it hidden behind you TV, that will not be any problems, it also includes programmable buttons for your TV.

TVIP Box + 12 month
combo offer!

Order the TVIP S-605 IPTV Box with a 12 month subscription now
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There are many types of IPTV boxes on the market, Android based boxes and devices are a good option. If you prefer that our system is as of today only compatible with the Stb emulator app.


Since the TVIP S-605 box are one of the user-friendliest IPTV boxes as well as top build quality we have chosen to only offer this box via our website.  As mentioned, before you can if you so prefer use a Android based box with the Stb Emulator app available in Google Play store, or MAG boxes.