Smart IPTV

Smart IPTV

Do you spend a lot of your time on the go? Feel like you are living out of a suitcase? You can enjoy your IPTV subscription on any Android device

Available in Google PlayStore

The Stb Emulator are available in Google Playstore so there is no need to install app from unknown source

Free and paid version

Stb Emulator is available as free version with adds, and a pro version without adds for a one time cost

Android Devices

Stb Emulator is compatible with any Android device, phone, tablet and Android based TV boxes

Smart IPTV

If you don’t want to buy a TVIP or MAG box then you can use an Android device to emulate the hardware and interface of Mag STBs. 

If you install the app on a Android TV box you can use the remote that came with the box, or an STB remote app for your Android phone, you will have the same experience as with a set-top box IPTV

Smart IPTV

This App is intended for the more experienced user. The Stb Emulator require you to do some setups yourself, there are loads of videos on YouTube showing you the different steps you need to take. If you do not have any previous knowledge of setting up MAG boxes it can be somewhat confusing the first time. But we will try to make a short and basic introduction for you here.

The Stb Emulator does require that you have an updated Android version and can be struggling if you have an older device. If you make a mistake setting the Stb Emulator Smart IPTV app the first time we recommend clearing the cache of the app on your device so you can start from scratch. When you have finished the setup, we advise you to go into the settings of the app and save your profile, so all you need to do if something happens is to choose “Load Profile” for a new setup.

Smart IPTV Setup

Configure Application

The first time it starts a box will come up click on Configure Application.


The Settings page will come up go to Profiles

Profile Name

Go to Profile Name. What you choose to name the profile does not really matter, and you can set up as many profiles as you want

Portal Settings

Next go to Portal Settings. This part of the settings are where you will type in what portal you are using, and also find the MAC address we need to activate your subscription

Portal URL

Click on Portal URL. When you change the Portal URL to the one you got from us when you placed your order, it is important that you write it correctly

STB Configuration

Next go to STB Configuration. This step is not neccesary, but you can set the “model” you prefer and screen resolution etc in this section

MAC address

Next Select MAC address. This is the important part, you can make your own, or you can use that one that is autogenerated when you created your profile. Without this (00:1A:79:xx:xx:xx) we cannot activate your subscription

Exit and Start

When you have done these steps, you click exit and restart the app. When you restart the application, you might have to choose the portal you want if you have made more then one. 

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Stb Emulator

The adverts on the free version are not that disturbing. Unlike so many other applications they do not pop up every 10 seconds. But the pro version is not that expensive. 

IPTV Android

When it comes to Android based Smart IPTV options the Stb Emulator app is the only application we would recommend. Not only for the clean and user-friendly functionality, but also for the stability. Since it is available in Google Play store you will always have access to the latest version of the application.