What is IPTV

What is IPTV

Internet Protocol Television

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) use you internet connection for live stream TV programs. Just connect your IPTV Box to your Internet and the HDMI cable from the box to your TV, then you are ready to enjoy a world of programming.

Internet Requirements

For the best viewing experience we wold reccomend a internet connection of 10mbps or higher. The faster the better.

WiFi or Direct Cable

If it is at all possible, we would always reccomend connecting your IPTV box directely to your internet router with a direct cable. 

WiFi can be affected by signal strength as well as other devices connected to the same signal

High Internet Speed, Still Lagging

You have done all the right steps, connected your IPTV Box directely into your router, your speed is fast enough, but still experience lag.

You could struggle with “bad ping” and “high Jitter”. To find this we can reccoemd using a online speed test. This oftern occures with older routers, and can temporarly be fixed by turning it on and off.

IPTV Boxes and Smart TV apps

As of today, our IPTV subscription is only available for devices and applications that use mac address. We are currently not offering our service as m3u.


No, you cannot use your subscription on more then one device. That could result in your subscription being blocked.


At the moment we only accept Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin and 


If you are uncertain about anything send contact us via our contact form further down

Experiencing the best possible IPTV experience depends on more than just your IPTV provider and your internet speed

From a TV watcher’s point of view, IPTV is amazingly simple: instead of receiving TV programs as broadcast signals that enter your home from an antenna, satellite dish, cable, you get them streamed through your Internet connection. This means you can bring your TV subscription with you anywhere if you have access to internet.

It’s difficult to tell how many people are using IPTV services at the moment. But it is one of the fastest growing trends when it comes to watching TV. One of the reasons for this is the mobility, if you live in an area where you do not have access to Satellite or do not want to set one up, this is the perfect solution. Some bring their IPTV box with them when they travel, the popularity among those who work with long haul trailers etc are growing fast.

We always recommend that you use a VPN service when watching you IPTV subscription, just as we would recommend that for all your internet usage. Many of the major broadcasters are slowly starting to offer their channels using the IPTV technology these days, it is surprising that it has taken them so long, cause the IPTV technology is not something new.

What is IPTV

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What is IPTV

There are many types of IPTV boxes on the market, Android based boxes and devices are a good option. If you prefer that our system is as of today only compatible with the Stb emulator app.

What is IPTV

Since the TVIP S-605 box are one of the user-friendliest IPTV boxes as well as top build quality we have chosen to only offer this box via our website.  As mentioned, before you can if you so prefer use a Android based box with the Stb Emulator app available in Google Play store, or MAG boxes.